Here is an update from my last post. I turned in my last assignment per their suggested due date and advised them that this first class would also be my last, So I turned in my last assignment when they told me to and advised them to drop me from the next class.

They posted my grade the same day I turned in my last assignment withdrew me from the university, even though the class did not officially end till March 28Th then now they are trying to tell me that I finished up early and they over funded me and now owe them $380.00 I don't know any university that posts a grade before the class officially ends. Then try to bill you back!!

The fun just keeps coming from these clowns.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Avoid NCU like you would a bad date. This place is nothing but a scam.

A student can easily reach the dissertation process (I did) with a 4.0 GPA, ace the comprehensive exams on the first try (I did), write a concept paper which is a shortened version of the dissertation proposal, have it accepted with glowing reviews (I did) on the first try, and after that the process became a nightmare. I have been working on the DP for well over a year, have had two rejections by the OAR, and after one more rejection, dismissal from the university is very possible. All this and I am a published author with over 100 publications to my credit, and I'm not talking about .com publications. The student will receive little guidance from "mentors." The school is going to get hit with some severe lawsuits for its lack of support and its bogus method of treating students.

Since the school changed ownership a few years ago it is common knowledge that the school wants a 50+% fail rate at the dissertation level. Stay away from this place and go to a reputable school where you will be treated professionally and get your money's worth.

to Absurdly Laughing #952655

I did same, except my CP was extended by 2.5 years. I do not know many people at NCU whose CP with References reached 120+ pages.

My DP was approved as well, with over 200 pages with References, and I am stuck in IRB process. So, after 8 years, I am cutting my losses and going to a state university.

It will be better received and respected in my academic career then a PhD from NCU.

Good luck.

to NCU-Biggest_mistake_of_my_life San Diego, California, United States #952969

Hello, My name is Heather Miller and I am the Chair of the IRB, and Director of IRB Management and Operations at NCU. I can be reached directly at 303-883-3932 and I am happy to discuss the status of your IRB and see what I can do to support you through this process. Please if I am not able to immediately answer, please leave your name and number and I will return the call within 24 business hours.

Thank you,

Heather Miller, PhD


Good Afternoon,

My name is Eric Stoddard, and I lead the Learner Services team at Northcentral University. I would like to help. Please contact me personally at estoddard@ncu.edu, or give us a call at 888.327.2877. I cannot promise a specific outcome, but I can promise that we will listen to you, thoroughly research your concern, and do everything we can to help.

Thank you,


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