This was the worst decision that I've made in my life and I would like to get as many people together to share their experiences and create a class-action lawsuit! Like many others I have a high GPA and was moving along until the dissertation phase.

I'm on my second Chair and it's impossible to get her on the phone and my academic advisor on the phone, who happens to be pretty useless. This organization, I refuse to call it a school, it set-up to take your money and when it's time for you to cross over and finish you either get a "u" grade or dismissed.

By this stage you've already spent well over $40,000. I want justice.

This person wrote the review because of pricing issue at NorthCentral University. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants NorthCentral University to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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NorthCentral University Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We regret that you have these concerns.

Northcentral University is dedicated to providing our students with a premier educational experience. Please reach out to us at 888-327-2877 x8300 or send an email to learnerservices@ncu.edu so we can more specifically address this matter.


I have experienced the exact same thing with regards to hitting a huge roadblock in the Concept Paper phase. I'm sick of it.

I created an anonymous email address in an attempt to organize others who have encountered similar experiences with NCU.

I plan to consult with an attorney to see what we might be able to do as far as class action. If you are at all interested in participating in a suit of that kind, please email me at: notncu@gmail.com


I am a doctoral candidate an NCU and I have experienced the same kind of injustice you talk about in your post. I am more than willing to participate in a class action law suit if one became available.


Has there been any progress with a class action suit?


Absolutely spot on. NCU pushes you along with a great GPA until the dissertation phase. Bogus private paper mill entity.


I'm writing a formal complaint about them right now. My story sounds like yours.

Recently I discovered that my dissertation chair was not aware of the Annotated CP provided by OAR as an exemplar to those in the DIS courses. I have been following to the letter and became suspicious when he kept sending my work back for rewrites.


Well I went to a school called Southland College here in the city of Los Angeles for a surgical technician I completed the program started my intern from 9 to 5 5 days a week at Beverly Hills Medical Center well my instructor wanted me to take evening classes because he felt as though I needed some areas I need to sharpen up in when one evening I went to the school and it was boarded up no word from anyone where the school win what happened it's been since 85 are we studying I'm stuck with a student loan for $6,007 and I have to pay back I felt as though I shouldn't have to pay back if I didn't get a diploma from the school I didn't get any paperwork or anything Stan and I graduated I've been trying to find someway somehow I've been calling you Sacramento Board of Education trying to find out what happened to the school trying to find out why do I have to pay this $6,007 well that's been on my credit forever now it's up to 17000 dead they say I owe I can't get a car I can't get any credit I can't rent an apartment I can't do anything since 85 it's now 2015 I got the government to forgive loan but I can't go back to school for another 3 years I can't get up any government assistance if I do they will reinstate the $17,000 My and I'm 53 years old I was put 24 when I took out that loan $6,000 my life all these years has been shattered because of that this big mistake that I made signing those papers for the school only thing the school did was took my money and I had to pay all these years and I'm standing still haven't taken it off my credit report how do I get this off my credit report I called them they told me I need to write each credit bureau could anyone can someone tell me what to do I'm 53 years old I want something before I die

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